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Listen to Peter Jablonski discussing Stanchinsky with Sean Rafferty on BBC Radio 3 In Tune.

‘Peerless performance […] Stanchinsky could hardly have wished for finer performances. Jablonski’s commanding pianism may well come to be seen retrospectively as a vital force in the Stanchinsky renaissance.’ Colin Clarke, International Piano Magazine

'A mind-blowing experience.' Jukka Isopuro, Helsingin Sanomat

‘Masterly authority.’ Jed Distler, Gramophone

‘[Jablonski’s] album is impressive as much for the intelligence of his playing as for the substance of the music.' Norman Lebrecht 

'Peter Jablonski brilliantly plays a generous selection [of Stanchinsky's works]'. Stephen Pettitt, Sunday Times

'Jablonski’s labour-of-love playing makes for the aural equivalent of a seventy-four-minute page-turner.' Colin Anderson

'Today, Stanchinsky is known only by the most hardcore piano fans, but fortunately one of them is the Swedish star pianist Peter Jablonski: no doubt, his recording will make the dark, reduced and original expression of Stanchinsky’s music to be much better known. [...]  Stanchinsky has been recorded before, but Peter Jablonski is totally in a class of his own. His lingering, poetic and clear style combs Stanchinsky’s music gently the right way and makes the music feel totally natural. [...] Peter Jablonski playing the piano music by Alexander Stanchinsky is a touching discovery that affects you deeply.' (Translated by Joel Valkila) Kare Eskola, Finnish Radio 1

'Jablonski plays with a superb legato and technique as well as a smoldering undercurrent of passion. He is perfectly suited to this repertoire.’ Lynn René Bayley


Peter Jablonski's second album for Ondine features a large selection of piano works by Alexey Stanchinsky (1888–1914).

Read about the release in the International Piano

Released on Ondine on 5 March 2021

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