'Jablonski finds, in these lilting country dances, shades of philosophical contemplation, daring — more even than Horowitz does, to slow things down so we can admire the dappled shadow of an oak-leaf on an unrippled lake [...] A remarkable piano album.' ★★★★★ Norman Lebrecht

'Scriabin's Mazurkas have tended to be side-lined by his  Preludes, Études, and Sonatas, but they are little jewels, especially in Peter Jablonski's hands. [...] I'd initially been wary of of a whole recording in three-four time, but the mastery of composer and performer is riveting'. Martin Cotton, BBC Music Magazine

Performance ★★★★★ Recording ★★★★★

'Jablonski brings extraordinary finesse to these dances, imbuing them with an unmistakable Weltschmerz that perfectly conjures the fin de siècle'Patrick Rucker, Gramophone

'Beautifully played' Paul Driver, The Sunday Times

'Extremely flexible and intelligent tempo, elegant phrasing, exquisite sound [...] Jablonski's Scriabin is to be recommended without any reservation'  Martin Blaumeiser, Klassic-Heute

'Peter Jablonski sticks to soft touch, translucent harmony, pensive atmosphere, and delicately rolling rhythm [...] I especially like Jablonski’s rhythm handling, where the cadence of the ethnic mazurka effortlessly intertwines with the romantic rubato' Kare Eskola, Finnish Broadcasting Company Record Review


‘Simple yet sensitive touch and impeccable technique (Grieg Piano Concerto, Paris).’ Le Figaro


‘Jablonski had brought the house down (Gershwin Concerto in F, Berlin).’ Die Welt


‘Breathtaking dexterity and finesse (Rachmaninov Paganini Variations, London).’ The Guardian


‘Eagle in full flight who is in complete mastery of his instrument (Solo recital, Perth).’ The Australian


‘A fresh new artist for the new century (Chopin Piano Concerto No 2, Osaka).’ Ongakuno-Tomo


‘A magisterial diversity of the approach (Grieg solo CD).’ David Nice


'Jablonski is the most easy-going recitalist, no histrionics, an improvisatory delight in discovery, a technique sure enough to make the toughest passages deceptively effortless. Somehow in his hands the pathway through the music is clear.' International Piano


‘The delicacy and inspired colouring of his playing lifted the music’s spirit. His determined rhythms, tempered by all sorts of nuances and differing emphases, made it buoyant. The technical pressures of the concerto held no fears for him. But it was the additional dimension of artistry and musical insight that made the performance so memorable (Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 2, London).’ Daily Telegraph


‘Such extraordinary energy, intensity, inwardness and musical insight, all grafted on to a technique of transcendental brilliance and supreme control that is amazing, even in this age of proliferating virtuosity (Solo recital, Wellington).’ New Zealand Evening Post 


‘Jablonski has all the technical talent he’ll ever need […] with the spiritual weight to match…. When the notes are played they are transcendent. This reviewer has heard pianists run out the same hackneyed phrases for decades, yet none in living memory has brought the same strength, confidence, finesse and sense of rediscovery to these well worn notes (Grieg Piano Concerto, Washington).’ Washington Post


‘The interpretation of Mozart Piano Concerto in G, K-453, impressed with its grace, logic, and incomparable phrasing (Krakow).’ Dziennik Polski


‘There’s a maverick quality to Jablonski’s programming that reveals an easy familiarity with a repertoire of considerable breadth (Solo recital, London).’ The Guardian


‘Jablonski brings a wealth of technique and color to the Piano Concerto, turning the slow middle movement into an intense meditation and infusing the fast outer movements with crisp accents, jazzy echoes, and an incisively percussive quality (Stravinsky Concerto for Piano and Winds, CD).’ American Record Guide