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Released on 7 October 2022

Peter Jablonski makes a world of indelible poetry in just a few minutes.

Tom Service, Record Review, BBC Radio 3, 15 October 2022

This first volume reveals an authoritative, idiomatic and individual stylist, […] an epic, large-scale player who favours a wide range of dynamics and articulations. 

Jed Distler, Gramophone, November 2022


Peter Jablonski is known as a fervent champion of Polish music. In this album he returns to some of his favourite piano music – Chopin’s Mazurkas. For Chopin, the Mazurkas became a deeply personal, intimate statement of his feelings as an émigré Polish composer living in Paris. From some of his very first compositions to his last, it is the only form that Chopin composed regularly throughout his life. Similarly, Chopin’s Mazurkas have followed Peter Jablonski throughout his entire career as a pianist in nearly every solo recital.

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